Agency Staffing

Scale your business without increasing your headcount

Scale your staffing needs with agency workers. Temporary staffing or agency staffing effectively addresses fluctuations in your business needs. We’ll help you overcome sudden changes in staffing needs without having to hire new regular employees.

Agency staffing is a staffing solution that allows you to:

areas of our experties in

Temporary Staffing

  • contract administrators
  • data processing/entry
  • assistants
  • project assistants
  • receptionist
  • call center operator
  • customer support assistant
  • communications, marketing, PR
  • sales (sales representative, sales manager, product manager)
  • HR (recruiters, specialists)
  • finance (accounting, controlling, etc.)
  • testers
  • helpdesk
  • developers
  • database specialists
  • management & consulting
  • security experts

Do you need agency workers?

We’ll help you! We’ll take over the employer’s responsibilities and supply you with agency workers. Contact us or send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

how we do it

Agency Staffing


Selection and recruitment

We’ll recruit an agency worker or an entire team according to your candidate profile requirements.



We’ll handle all labour requirements with the agency worker, from the employment contract to occupational safety and health to medical examinations.


Personnel administration

During the course of cooperation we pay wages and employee benefits. If necessary, we can arrange timely replacement for the worker.

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

what is it

Temporary staffing

Agency staffing with GIT

Agency staffing or temporary assignment of a worker means the complete assumption of the employer’s duties by a recruitment agency. An employment contract or agreement to perform work is concluded between GIT Consult Czech s.r.o. and the assigned worker.

Agency workers are most often used by companies in the case of a temporary need to increase the workforce, for example for a one-off project, in times of a sudden increase in contracts or if they need to replace a regular employee.

Whether you need a single specialist or a whole team of workers, all HR and payroll administration in accordance with the Labour Code goes to us, but at the same time you get the assigned worker fully under your wing.

advantages of the service

Agency staffing

Greater flexibility

The main advantage of agency staffing is the flexibility to respond to changing market demands or needs of your business more easily.
Do you need more employees but can’t increase the payroll costs of in-house staff? Do you need the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of your staff according to the current workload? These are exactly the situations that temporary staffing by a recruitment agency solves elegantly.

Lower demands on HR

Using agency workers saves you a lot of administrative and payroll work. We’ll relieve your payroll department, taking over also the responsibility of paying wages in time. You, in turn, can reduce the administrative burden and pay only one invoice per month.

how it works

Temporary assignment

Temporary assignment and legislation

As regards legislation in relation to agency staffing, the basic condition, enshrined in Section 307a of the Labour Code, is that agency workers must be provided with comparable conditions to those of the company’s regular employees. This applies not only to remuneration, but also to benefits, meal vouchers or the length of annual leave.

Recently, there have been many sensational articles in the media about disguised agency staffing and other illegal practices. In any case, we strictly adhere to the agency staffing law. We’re also members of the Association of Personnel Service Providers.

If you are interested in other regulations and conditions of temporary assignment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cooperation process

Temporary assignment is started by arranging the entire recruitment and selection process of the agency worker. Once a suitable candidate has been found, we conclude the employment contract, arrange medical examination, provide personal protective equipment, conduct occupational safety and health training, carry out registration for statutory contributions, etc.

In the employment relationship itself, it is then up to us to pay wages in time, deal with sick leave, and perform administration related to injuries, if any, and other necessary communication and personnel administration.

On the other hand, if the cooperation with an agency worker is terminated for any reason, we provide a high-quality replacement as quickly as possible.