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The whole team stands and falls on
a great leader

Finding great people for key management positions is not a piece of cake. It requires perfect market orientation, great negotiation and diplomatic skills, and personal contacts.

Put your executive search in the hands of experienced consultants to make your job easier in many ways. You will:

Don’t dare to headhunt on your own?

Good for you! It’s definitely worth hiring experienced headhunters. You’ll save time, money and in-house resources. Contact us or send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

what it is

Executive search

Why use headhunting methods

Nowadays, senior executives of major companies are well aware of the critical impact that successful, or unsuccessful, recruitment can have for top management or executive positions. A good leader is the alpha and omega of the performance and success of the whole team. Conversely, the wrong filling of management positions can be fatal for the entire company.

The advantage of executive search in cooperation with a recruitment agency specializing in executive search is also the possibility of advice and consulting with the agency as partners who have a truly deep know-how and extensive market overview, are familiar with current trends and have a number of personal contacts.

how we do it

Headhunting at GIT



We’ll assign a consultant to your assignment who has a detailed knowledge of the entire project.



We’ll cast our nets and pull out all our secret weapons.



The output of our cooperation is the placement of the most suitable person and the provision of all support.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

advantages of the service

Executive search

Cost savings

Filling key management positions in a company is usually a time-consuming and delicate matter requiring great discreetness and diplomatic skills.

Progressive companies today know that entrusting this process to professionals pays off. The cost of the entire recruitment process plus the risk of a poorly chosen candidate will in all likelihood always be higher than the fee for an executive search service.

Access to passive candidates

Our experienced headhunters have a number of long-term personal contacts even with potential candidates who are not currently actively looking for a change. This is a great advantage, as you won’t normally find such candidates in various databases or through job advertisements.

GIT’s executive search experts have their cards spread across multiple locations and the capacity for individual meetings. They know the candidates’ current life situation, motivations and values that could make them change their job.

Expert market knowledge

If your ideal candidate’s profile or the benefits package on offer is not realistic, you will find out before the search begins. We invest our resources in networking, increasing the value of our network of contacts and maintaining long-term relationships with members of relevant industry specialist talent groups, which gives us a detailed understanding of the current market.

Our executive search experts can provide you with essential insights into candidate expectations, salary levels, competition, trends or events that may impact market movements.

Discreet approach

Executive search is the highest discipline of recruitment and can only be done successfully by experienced experts.

Our headhunter’s focus is always on a high level of discreetness and confidentiality throughout the process. Situations where an employee is to be replaced at a high level in a company can be very delicate and, as we all know, alarmist rumours spread quickly. Therefore, it is often necessary to approach direct addressing diplomatically.