Our Cookies

What are cookies and which kinds do we use?

Cookies are data that are sent from a website to the user’s browser memory.

They are needed for the website to function correctly and continuously (for example, when a logged-in user clicks from one website page to another), but they are also used to record user behavior and website usage.

According to your preferences, you can enable or disable some types of cookies on our website.


Neccessary cookies

We use necessary cookies to store data needed for the proper operation of the website. It is technical data not related to personal preferences or user data.


User-generated cookies

User-generated cookies store data about the settings and preferences of a specific user. In our case, it is, for example, the language setting.


Analytical cookies

These cookies help us to obtain information about the use of the website and the behavior of users, to identify problematic areas and, thanks to this, to improve the functionality, information value and user experience.