IT Recruitment

IT is in
our DNA

We started writing our corporate history with IT recruitment in 2000 in the USA and it is still our main driver. Today, we specialize in IT recruitment in the Czech Republic, where we’ve long been working with leading market players such as AirBank, PRE and Česká spořitelna.

What you get if you work with GIT on IT recruitment:

Looking for IT specialists for your team?

Don’t worry! We’ll cast our nets and find you an IT specialist to suit your requirements. Contact us or send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

how we do it

Recruitment of IT specialists


Dedicated consultant

We have experts with specialization in IT recruitment. Your consultant will know the entire project from A to Z.


Interview shortlist

We’ll only present relevant candidates via a CV and a selection process report.


Candidate placement

The outcome of our cooperation is the placement of the most suitable person and all the support associated with it.

tech fields

IT specialists

We cover all IT disciplines

The focus and types of specialization of IT professionals we can provide more or less immediately:

  • operating systems – Windows, Linux/Unix

  • infrastructure

  • DevOps – Docker, Kubernetes, K8

  • programming – J2EE, C#, C/C++, PHP, Python, PL/SQL

  • databases – Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB

  • testing – manual and automated

  • management & consulting – IT management, project/program management, analysts, system consultants and architects

  • security

  • helpdesk

cooperation opportunities

IT recruitment

Recruiting IT specialists to join your regular employees

Are you expanding your team and looking for an IT specialist to join your regular employees? We follow the same procedure as in standard recruitment, applying our unique IT know-how. We know where to find tech specialists, we can advise you on what works for them or, as the case may be, explain why you’ve not been able to find anyone yet.

IT specialists provided by GIT

An alternative to recruiting people to join your regular employees is to use agency staffing. We can place one of our specialists in one of the following areas with you more or less immediately:

  • testers

  • security experts

  • management & consulting specialists

  • database specialists

  • developers

  • helpdesk staff

Project a Contract Staffing

Another way to get an IT specialist, for example for a specific project, is outsourcing. This option is particularly suitable for tech specialist positions such as system administrators, software developers and helpdesk staff.

Using an external IT specialist gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease your headcount.

Tech experts work exclusively for you, but are contractually bound to us.

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.”

Bill Gates

what are the specifics of

IT recruitment

Specifics of IT recruitment

IT recruitment has many specifics, which we know well based on our long-term focus on this market. And we also know the reasons why IT specialists are so difficult to find. The low number of university graduates, difficult retraining, growing demand, but also relatively high wages play a role.

There is a huge demand for IT specialists, but most of them are not actively looking for a job. Apart from salary, the possibility of remote work, the attractiveness of the technologies used, the variety of projects and the employer’s brand play an important role in IT recruitment.

If you are looking for IT specialists for regular positions, we can help you with identifying, contacting and placement. Our consultants are experts on IT, which helps them not only guide you in the recruitment process, but also be equal partners to the candidates themselves in more professional discussions.