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Recruitment and selection is always a time and money consuming process. With years of knowledge of the labour market, an extensive network and efficient processes, we are able to deliver fast recruitment solutions.

Recruitment in cooperation with GIT can help you:

Do you want to save time and money in recruitment?

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how we do it

Recruitment and selection


Position analysis

We’ll assign a cooperation guarantor to your assignment who will be your recruitment advisor and prepare a detailed analysis of the position profile.


Employee search

We’ll find the most suitable potential employees in our databases, through our network, by advertising or by direct search method.


Interview report

We’ll present relevant candidates through a CV and a recruitment process report.

“The world is full of willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.”

Robert Frost

how it works



Recruiting is the process of identifying, sourcing, screening and selecting candidates for a job position. Recruitment is carried out by the company’s in-house HR specialists or recruiters or it can be outsourced in cooperation with an HR consulting agency.


Position analysis

The actual search for potential employees is preceded by a detailed analysis of the position, where in cooperation with the client we create the most accurate profile of the position to be filled. We often consult with clients or directly help them define the requirements for the position and the job offer itself.

At the beginning of the cooperation, we assign each client requirement a cooperation guarantor, who is the client’s personal advisor, account manager and main contact person in one. This way of cooperation ensures a detailed acquaintance with the requirements of the candidate’s profile and the company culture, as well as the smooth running of the recruitment process in the company. Last but not least, this procedure also guarantees effective communication between the client and GIT.

how we proceed

Employee search

Employee search

Candidate sourcing is the use of one or more strategies to identify or attract candidates. The level of costs associated with the search and selection process is directly affected by the economic conditions and state of the labour market, so it often makes sense for companies to outsource the entire recruitment process to a recruitment agency.

Candidate sources

We primarily use the following sources and combinations of sources to identify, contact and source potential employees.

GIT database

There are currently over 20,000 candidate records in the GIT database. The database is continuously updated and the candidates’ consent to data processing is renewed every 3 years. Everything is in full compliance with the GDPR. Candidates can be efficiently searched in the database by personal data, professional and technical qualifications, language skills and personal characteristics.


At GIT, we advertise on our own website and on job portals to present the positions we offer to candidates in an attractive way. We also use the databases of these portals to address candidates directly.

Direct/ Executive search

GIT also uses the direct search method – identifying potentially suitable candidates who work in the same or similar positions and/or obtaining contact details of suitable candidates based on networking and contacting them directly with a job offer.

Social networks (LinkedIn, GitHub, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

For several years, social networks, especially LinkedIn, have been a very important source of candidates. GIT consultants have very extensive experience in reaching out to potential candidates via social networks and it is one of the most important sources of candidates in the IT sector, but also in finance and sales.

how it works

Selection of suitable candidates

Candidate assessment methods

The main tool for assessing candidates is a structured interview. The form of the interview is face-to-face, online or, in exceptional cases, by telephone or Skype. We use the online or telephone interview option mainly to speed up the selection process. In addition to this method, we use other supporting tools to assess candidates – a customized form of CV, a table of technical knowledge, a language proficiency test and a reference check.

Overall candidate assessment

Each candidate is given a rating on a five-point scale. The rating expresses the overall assessment of the candidate, showing his/her qualities in each of the areas assessed. It is an assessment of the candidate’s professional experience, technical/professional knowledge, language skills and personal characteristics.

Professional experience

The information about the experience given in the candidate’s CV and his/her expertise are verified during a structured interview by GIT’s expert consultants. The length of the interview is approximately 60 minutes.

Reference check

The candidate assessment includes a reference check. GIT Consult uses written references for each candidate and/or contact details of reference persons to check references. GIT Consult provides this service to its clients upon request.

Candidate personality assessment

The candidate assessment includes a subjective assessment of his/her personal characteristics by the consultant.

Language skills

Candidates’ language skills are tested in an interview in the relevant language and in a written test prepared by a language agency.

Communication with the candidate

The GIT consultant is in regular contact with the candidate throughout the cooperation and guides him/her through the entire recruitment process, coordinates interview dates and provides feedback. The GIT consultant ensures smooth communication between the candidate and the client.